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Data Backup

As a business owner, your data needs to be backed up, protected and accessible wherever your business takes you.

Life happens, but data disasters don't have to.

Backup and Go

Automatic PC and Mac® data backup and unlimited storage. Files are accessible via the Internet on any computer or smart device

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Backup and Go Premium

Unlimited file storage, automatic PC or Mac® data backup-accessible by computer or smart device. Plus, team collaboration opportunities.

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What can Backup and Go plans do for you?

  • Coffee spill fried your computer?
    • Don't worry! Your data is backed up and safely stored.
  • Tired of paying overages?
    • You get unlimited cloud storage at no additional cost!
  • Not at the office?
    • Access your files via the Internet from any computer or mobile device.
  • Need to share files with employees or clients?
    • Check out our Backup and Go Premium plan

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AT&T Tech360
Backup and Go $7 per month, per computer

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Backup and Go helps take the worry out of your day. Long gone are the days of data loss; your business files are backed up and stored safely.

Fast and easy installation so your computer files are backed up, protected and easily accessible!

Some of the features include:

  • Data protection
    • Files are backed up and stored in the cloud
    • Unlimited, remote, online storage
    • Retention of older versions of files
  • Mobile access to data
    • Access and view files from web-connected devices and smartphones
  • Sharing and collaboration
    • File sharing and remote access
  • Need to share files with employees or clients?
    • Check out our Backup and Go Premium plan

See how the service benefits your business:

  • In the event of a disaster-manmade or natural-your files are safe
  • You maintain control of the files or folders stored in the cloud
  • Protection from accidental file deletion
  • Files are always at hand, from your mobile device

For more details, see Compare Backup and Go Services.

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AT&T Tech360
Backup and Go Premium $10 per month, per customer

Hassle-free data backup with unlimited storage and team collaboration features. Welcome to Backup and go.

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Along with online data backup and unlimited cloud storage, enhance your productivity and take advantage of the full range of collaboration features this solution offers.

Backup and Go Premium offers all of the great features and benefits of Backup and Go, plus:

  • View and download data, or send inks to files or folders, so your team's needs are always at hand
  • Backup what you want, when you want, so you maintain control of what files or folders are stored in the cloud
  • Built-in safety systems to restore your data, so your data is always there, no matter what life throws your way
  • For six months, access older versions of files, a way to protect you from accidental data deletion
  • Add team members to access this service, too, so your team's data is also securely backed up
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AT&T Tech360 Backup and Go Guest Account $2.50 per month, per computer

Considering a Backup and Go Premium Plan?

Now expand your collaboration features with a Guest Account, invite guests on a per project basis, share files with clients, and maintain control of projects

Added Guest Account details:

  • Guest Account(s) can be purchased as an optional add-on service to a Backup and Go Premium subscription.
  • The same number of Backup and Go Premium subscriptions or Guest Accounts must be purchased by the subscribing company as the number of team members provided simultaneous individual access to authorized project workspaces.
  • Project team members must work for the subscribing company and use the same Backup and Go Premium account.
  • Guest Accounts does not include data backup service.

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AT&T Tech360
Backup and Go
AT&T Tech360
Backup and Go Premium
Data Protection
"Set and Forget" automatic, continuous backup
PC and Mac® supported
Unlimited remote, online storage per PC or Mac®
Immediate restoration of files to new computer**
Retain older version of files (Up to 30 days)
Retain older version of files (Up to 6 months)
Mobile Access to Data
Access and View files from any web-connected devices
Easy viewing on web-enabled smartphones
Universal Search - on text or title to find files fast
Online print, e-fax*** and e-mail of files
Backup and Go Mobile App
Sharing and Collaboration
Share files via web-link (no need to send large files as e-mail attachments)
Share files with team members - no need to send large files as e-mail attachments
Comment on shared files
Technical Support
Installation of software and initial setup by remote technician
24/7 support for computer issues and questions related to Backup and Go
Tech360 Mobile App
Mobile Access to Data
Online project workspace for collaboration with team
Create Guest Accounts and invite guests to join team
Sharing files with team members (colleagues, clients under the same account) ✝
Remote access to files at project workspace from web-connected devices
Easy viewing of files at project workspace or smartphones
Retain older versions of project workspace data
Email, print and fax*** documents from project workspace
Backup and Go Mobile App

Features available to both Premium and Guest Account users

* Taxes are extra. Minimum of 1 year term - for details refer to the Service Pricing and Payments Section of the Terms of Service Agreement

** Restoration completion time is subject to available bandwidth and amount of data

*** Requires subscription to e-fax service

✝ Only subscriptions purchased under a single account can be part of a team for document sharing

Taxes are extra where applicable.