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From affordable, reliable and consistent IT support to restoring deleted files, read below to see how Tech Support 360 customers rely on our IT professionals.

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Here are a few excerpts from Patricia Rodriguez-Christian, CEO of Texas Standard Commercial Construction

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“The return on our investment is unbelievable. Every single dollar I spent on Backup and Go has been returned 1,000-fold. I first heard about Backup and Go from the AT&T technology advisor I called for help with my networks at home. I immediately liked the ease of use and the fact that it was automatic – I didn’t have to rely on employees to perform the backups. That was particularly attractive. And finally, I was impressed with the security. The really terrific thing is that it’s user driven, so we can back up any time of the day or night. It works in the background to save files during the day, but it does the majority of the backing up in the middle of the night. We can choose to back up just critical files or everything. And nobody has to remember to do it. It just happens.”

“A terrible storm came through at 2 or 3 a.m. and we lost power. Our computers are on an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system, there was a surge when the power came back on. One of the UPS systems failed, and it fried one of our accounting computers. I was so thankful that we had started using AT&T Backup and Go. We got a new computer, I called AT&T’s tech center, and within 20 minutes all my data was back. You just don’t know how glad I was that we did this.”

"I've been with AT&T forever—it must be 20 years. The relationship has been strengthened a great deal because now I'm in the Business Plan, and I find that to be very helpful. Backup and Go is like the the best thing invented. What I like about it the most—and this is the biggest thing of all—I tend to erase files that I shouldn't erase, and I can find them on AT&T Backup and Go."

"There was a large project that we were doing and lo and behold, I made a mistake, and I erased the wrong file. So I decided to go on the AT&T Backup and Go. All I did was hit 'Deleted Files' and lo and behold, it's there - and they're intact! It's amazing. It saved me thousands. In fact, that particular one was $60,000."

"As long as there's WiFi, the AT&T Backup and Go instantly hooks up, all by itself. It's just, it's there! I don't have to drag along other drives. I don't drag flash drives anywhere any more, because it's all instantaneous. If I do some sign design in a hotel, which I do lots of, I'm backing up, instantly. Synchronizes without any computer delay."

-Dave Larson, AZ Sign & Graphics

"Anytime my computer is down, I'm losing time working for a client and billing hours. And if I'm losing billable hours, it's very costly. I can't afford to hire an IT person. I'm a sole practitioner, small business; it's simply not in my budget."

"And so to have AT&T Tech Support 360, it's affordable and it's reliable."

"Once the technicians log in, they take over the computer and completely fix the problem, and I have the computer working in no time."

"The wonderful thing is they're always so nice and friendly and patient with us. I never have to come to work worried that I can't help a client because my computer is down. I always know I can rely on them to get it up and running again. Tech Support 360 saves my firm time and money – and now I can't operate without it, I mean I have to have it. It's a wonderful service. I recommend it to everybody, really. I do."

-Denise H. Burch, Attorney Burch Law Firm, LLC

More praise from our customers

“Bennie did an excellent job for AT&T. Tech Support 360 is important to our law firm’s computer efficiency. - Robert B

"Raul is always a joy to work with. It is such a comfort knowing that you hear familiar voices on the line when you have issues with your computer system. Definitely worth every penny I pay." - Freda W

"Excellent tech support person; solved the problem promptly and added a couple of features to prevent future problems." - Harry P

"The tech that helped me was able to correct the issue that not even a {PC Manufacturer} tech could remedy. {PC Manufacturer} told me to take the computer to a local shop and have it fixed. AT&T tech was outstanding!" - James K

"Excellent that repair could be made after business hours and within 2 hours of my request." - Rudy G