Service Packages for PC

Get the most out of your PC, tablet and smartphone

Go ahead and free your team to focus on business.

Tech Support 360 gives you the peace of mind of knowing you've got 24/7, remote technical PC, tablet and smartphone support – without having to hire your own IT staff.

We've got a plan that fits your company. Take a look at our subscriptions or get more details at Compare Service Packages for PC.

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Advanced Service Package Premium Service Package Premium PLUS Service Package
$19.00* per month
per subscription
$24.00* per month
per subscription
$28.00* per month
per subscription

Count on a core level of support for your PC, tablet, smartphone, hardware, operating system, software applications and up to two connected devices.

Also includes a one-time PC Tune-Up.

Want even more support for your PC, tablet, smartphone, software and peripherals?

The Premium Service Package includes everything from the Advanced Service Package, and adds:

  • Spyware and virus removal
  • Periodic PC Tune-Ups
  • Wireless network setup
  • Network security setup
  • Software installation and removal
  • Software training
  • Help with multiple connected peripherals

Premium PLUS takes the Premium Service Package one big step further with unlimited remote PC data storage – plus the mobility that comes with it.

This is our most comprehensive Service Package. You gain:

  • Automatic, unlimited online backup of PC data
  • Mobile access to your data from web-connected computers, tablets and smartphones
  • The ability to review, share, comment, email or print your documents away from the office
  • Online workspace for collaboration and document sharing

*Each subscription includes technical support for one (1) PC, one (1) tablet and one (1) smartphone. Taxes are extra. One-time setup fee of $89.00 includes first month of service plus a PC Tune-Up with first service call ($139.95 value). Minimum of 1 year term – for details refer to the Service Pricing and Payments Section of the Terms of Service.

Minimum System Requirements: A high speed Internet connection. Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 with a minimum of 1 GB system memory. Limited support available for Windows 2000, Windows XP (including Microsoft Office 2003 applications.)

Smartphone or Tablet Device Minimum Requirements: iPhone or iPad with iOS version 3.0 or above, Android based tablet or phone with OS 2.3 version or above, or Windows RT based tablet.

Peripheral Device Minimum Requirements: In order to receive support on a peripheral device, its system requirements must meet PC or MAC subscription (Advanced, Premium, Premium PLUS) Support or One Time Services minimum system requirements. Peripheral devices, i.e., printers, faxes, digital cameras, etc., must be tethered via USB cord to the computer; peripherals do not include tablets or smartphones.

All PC and Mac service packages require a 12 month minimum commitment. Early termination fee is equal to 50% of the monthly recurring rate for the terminated Service Package multiplied by the months remaining in the term.